Reasons for choosing to have an item commissioned …

At Nicholas Wylde we specialise in designing and handmaking unique pieces of jewellery which has had our customers’ personal involvement in the design process.

An appointment can be arranged with one of our designers to discuss your ideas and designs for a special unique piece. You can spend time with one of our designer jewellers and discuss the many possibilities which can be sketched out bringing your ideas to life.

There are so many occasions where a bespoke piece is often the best way to achieve total satisfaction. Often we have used a customers’ own metal and stones which they have purchased elsewhere, and have redesigned inherited jewellery.

Your perfect engagement ring

Sometimes it can just be a case of needing to sit down with a designer to explain exactly what you want as you have been unable to find it elsewhere. We can create the perfect piece and all our jewellery is handmade on the premises, and most commissions take approximately five weeks. Although we do try and meet a customer’s tight timescale wherever possible. We require a 50% deposit which is non refundable and the final payment can be made on collection of the commission.

Are you wondering what happens if the design isn’t exactly as you imagined? At Nicholas Wylde we give you 3 months to return with any alteration you would like to have made and alterations are carried out free of charge, even if it means we start again. The most important thing to us is that every customer enjoys wearing the piece which has been made. It is important to us that our customers are completely satisfied.

To make an appointment please telephone our Bath shop on 01225 462826 or Bristol shop on 0117 974 3582.

Or book an appointment online >>

Computer Aided design (CAD)

At Nicholas Wylde we like to mix tradition with modern technology, providing the best service and most cost effective way to create a stunning piece of jewellery.

We endeavour to design a piece of jewellery by hand with input from you and one of our highly skilled goldsmiths. We also use in some instances the latest 3D CAD technology creating amazing designs quicker. A very good example is this face pendant. The picture is scanned and then the CAD software turns it from a 2D image into a highly detailed 3D model from which we can cast in any precious metal.

We feel this technology works very well, especially when creating animals and flowers, or objects with repeat patterns.

A CAD design will take approximately 10 working days to present a 3D image after a consultation with one of our expert designers.

Please feel free to book an appointment and challenge us to create a unique piece of jewellery.