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All items of Nicholas Wylde jewellery can be made to your budget by varying the size and grade of stones, changing the metal or even designing a piece based on the above item. A special bespoke order may take up to five weeks which is made in our workshop. Bespoke items do not necessarily cost more than a pre-made item.Please …



Nicholas Wylde Gemstones

Cleopatra’s Passion FOUND IN Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Egypt, India, Norway, Sri Lanka, USA COLOUR Grass-Green HARDNESS 7.5 – 8 BIRTHSTONE May ANNIVERSARY 55th Emerald is the grass-green variety of the mineral beryl, its beautifully cool green colour deriving from the presence of chromium and vanadium and found in granites, pegmatites and schists. The ‘Emerald Cut’ is a step cut which is used …



Nicholas Wylde Gemstones

Splinter of Stars FOUND IN Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia COLOUR Colourless, White, Black, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Brown HARDNESS 10 BIRTHSTONE April ANNIVERSARY 60th Diamonds are graded by colour, cut, clarity and carat (weight) – known as the ‘four c’s’. One of the oldest minerals in the universe, diamond is pure carbon and is both the hardest mineral found …



Nicholas Wylde Gemstones

Looks like Redeye FOUND IN Brazil, India, Scotland, USA COLOUR Blood-red, Reddish-orange HARDNESS 7 ANNIVERSARY 10th The rich, deep red/orange colours that this variety of chalcedony exudes have made it prized in history. It’s written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, that the gemstone should be placed in tombs as ‘magic armour’ for life after death. Carnelian was once thought to …



Nicholas Wylde Gemstones

Precious bringer of change FOUND IN Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Slovakia, South Africa, USA COLOUR Colourless, White, Yellow, Orange, Rose-Red, Black, Blue HARDNESS 6 BIRTHSTONE October ANNIVERSARY 14th Opal is a hardened silica gel, containing up to 10 per cent water and formed in cavities within rocks. There are two varieties: precious opal – the most desirable, which shows flashes of colour (iridescence) …


SAPPHIRE (Corundum)

Nicholas Wylde Gemstones

Royal Blue FOUND IN Brazil, Burma, Columbia, India, Sri Lanka COLOUR All colours except Red HARDNESS 9 BIRTHSTONE September ANNIVERSARY 45th Sapphire is the name for all corundum and found in a great variety of colours, except ruby red, but usually associated with the colour blue. Next to diamond, sapphire is the hardest mineral on Earth and found in pegmatites …


MOONSTONE (Feldspar)

Nicholas Wylde Gemstones

Bathed in moon-glow FOUND IN Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, USA COLOUR Colourless, White, Cream, Peach, Yellow HARDNESS 6.5 BIRTHSTONE June ANNIVERSARY 2nd Obtaining its name due to its moon-like appearance this gem has long been associated throughout history with the Moon Goddess and said to enhance feminine strengths and qualities. The stone is also called adularia and this name derives from …



Nicholas Wylde Gemstones

Rainbow pebbles FOUND IN Africa, Afghanistan, Brazil, Russia, USA COLOUR Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow HARDNESS 7.5 BIRTHSTONE October ANNIVERSARY 8th Tourmaline is a gemstone with a range of colours that surpasses all other gems and also one of the most scientifically interesting minerals, often accumulating in gravel deposits. Emerald-green is the rarest variety and was confused with emerald …