Wedding Bespoke

At Nicholas Wylde our experienced staff can spend time listening to clients and offer advice on the perfect wedding ring which would complement an engagement ring as well as allow for other individual considerations. In many cases this involves designing a simple ring that precisely matches the profile and shank of an engagement ring or creating a totally unique ring which brings together client’s ideas and our design skills. Often having a ring commissioned by us doesn’t cost much more than other wedding rings that are available on the market. A wedding ring which fits properly certainly helps the wear and tear of both rings and in some instances we can discreetly cut away part of an engagement ring to allow a standard style wedding ring to fit nice and snugly alongside it.

Designing matching wedding rings for couples – whether it’s typically “his & hers” or “same gender” partnerships – is always a delightful design challenge for us as we can combine individual personalities and specific ideas for such a special occasion. Over the years we have created some stunning matching rings using precious metals and even less conventional materials such as wood and plastic. Our experienced goldsmiths use their expert skills and experience to incorporate the mix of materials so that they beautifully integrated into a specific design.

Please feel free to book an appointment with one of our wedding ring experts by contacting us.


Design-your-own-wedd-ring-sketch Design your own wedding ring - At Nicholas Wylde we specialise in designing individual wedding rings to enhance an engagement ring.
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Wedding Rings