Nicholas enjoys designing and creating wonderful pieces of jewellery whilst consistently trying to be creative in bringing about new styles. He has always had a vision of bringing together precious materials and gems without the constraints of conventional designs usually associated with jewellery making. He wanted clients to be able to enjoy a personal art form which could be displayed on a wall at home or a company business and perhaps complimenting other stunning works of art.

Below are the first five pieces of Wylde Art …

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Wylde-Art-Number-1-200“Bringing my idea to fruition resulted in the first piece of Wylde Art called “Precious Peacock”.
Finding a piece of slate on holiday in Ireland inspired me to design a shape that complemented it.  I love bringing together simple curves and straight lines so mixing the 18ct white gold matt oblong shape with the diamonds set in an 18ct white swirl design just had to be done. Then featuring blue as my favourite and corporate colour, the peacock emerged from the arrangement of gemstones resulting in a wonderful three dimensional elegant display.”

Precious Peacock (Wylde Art 1st piece) is made with slate, 18ct white gold and set with diamonds , sapphires and aquamarines, measuring approx. 11cm and retails at £15,500.00.


Wylde-Art-Number-2“Returning to the beautifully renovated Bath shop after a very difficult year where we made it through the fire disaster, I wanted to design a statement piece for the landing area of the stairs leading to the first floor. The design was based around my idea of new growth and life with the centre of the art depicting a growth of spring and the colourful array of flowers bursting through a shadow of sadness, incorporating large curves as droplets of water running down to keep them watered.”

This second art piece is the largest so far and is made from silver and slate featuring peridots, blue topaz and cubic zirconia’s. It is approx. 90cm in length and is sadly not for sale.




Wylde-Art-Number-3“Inspired by this wonderful city, it had to include Bristol blue glass which is the background to this extraordinary piece. Representing water, sailing, the famous Clifton suspension bridge and the city’s observatory.  Again mixing lines and curves which was now becoming my signature style, this art form has been set with white gemstones featuring a swirl that surrounds the domed silver centre piece that if you peer inside one will see the Clifton suspension bridge etched into the glass.”

“Our Bristol” displays wood, glass, sliver, cubic zirconia’s and blue topaz. Retailing at £8,000.00.


Wylde-Art-Number-4“I was commissioned to design a piece of Wylde Art for the famous Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath.

Once I completed several months of research to find the perfect natural aquamarine crystal that I had pictured in my head as the centre piece I also planned to depict the hotel which is nestled in this beautiful spa city.

The art is on display in the entrance to the hotel’s spa.

I wanted to incorporate natural bath stone to resemble The Royal Crescent building itself.  If you ever walk through the hotel, maybe as a treat to an afternoon cream tea with strawberries, then you may find yourself walking on my paved encrusted white stone signature swirl leading up to the Spa.  The final touch of contrast is the five black railings set with five white stones symbolising the five star service you will be receiving when finishing off the delicious cream tea.”

“Gem of Bath” is made from silver, bath stone, natural aquamarine crystal , white and blue cubic zirconias and is not for sale.


Wylde-Art-Number-5“Commissioned by a client who visited the Bristol shop and presented me with two pieces of coral. The brief was simply to sit on the mantel piece but must incorporate memories of the family.   So I cut a section off the black coral and made the client some earrings and matching pendant, then used the main arch at the base of the sculpture, carefully locating the delicate red coral on top.  Creating carved stalks to depict the initials of the family and set with a single diamond, and positioned to reflect under water sea grass waving in the currents.”

This Wylde art is made from 18ct white gold, coral and diamonds and is not for sale.

All you can imagine brought to life in precious gems and metals. Wylde Art combines the skills of a visionary jewellery designer with your very own ideas and dreams to create unique and precious works of art. No challenge is too great for Nicholas and his team of passionate artisans who will combine their expertise with your own vision to create art exclusively for you.