A galaxy ring made in the stars and personalised with glyphs

The Stars At Your Fingertips

We recently hosted a wonderful client at our Bath shop with extensive life experiences and a background in all things astrological. Following the collection of the deeply personal bespoke piece he had commissioned with us, we asked him to guest-write his story of what led him to the creation of this piece for his wonderful wife, for us to share with you, and we are delighted to say he did just that. Read below for his fascinating journey and the design details that made this ring so personal:

“We all know that gems are magical. They are objects of beauty and mystery that capture the imagination and inspire our devotion. If not for their rarity and value, we would all have treasure boxes full of them! It has always been like this. For thousands of years people have sought them out, not just for their beauty, but for their healing and talismanic power. This is especially true in India, which is the source of famous Kohinoor diamond and also the ancient home of Vedic astrology, known in Sanskrit as Jyotish which means the ‘wisdom of the stars’. 

In my youth I lived and studied as a monk in India where I learned the sacred art of Jyotish and have practiced it professionally for the last 35 years. Jyotish symbolism teaches that gemstones have the same quality of light and energy as the planets and stars, which in modern times we call ‘birth-stones’. Over the years many clients have asked me what their astrology says is the best gem for them. Now and then I’ve had the pleasure of helping them design fabulously beautiful jewellery themed around their unique astrology. Not only are the pieces naturally beautiful, thanks to the gems and precious metals used, but they have a magical talismanic sparkle that is an expression of the client’s personal spirit.

In the case of my wife Lalita’s ring, we chose a beautiful yellow citrine for Jupiter, green tsavorites for Mercury and white gold for their setting. We worked with Nicholas Wylde’s lovely designer, a young lady serendipitously named India, to design the ring to include the astrological glyphs of Jupiter and Mercury. India was a joy to work with and patiently indulged my requests, such as arranging to have the stones set on a day and time of my choosing. Astrology is the art and study of time.  As such, the time that the stones are set and the time of wearing the ring for the first time is traditionally considered very important. Luckily, the astrological day and time I chose coincided with the working hours of the goldsmith!

Making of a large personalised custom astrological horoscope ring

I’ve worked with jewellers in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London on design projects that all had unique demands, such as: quality, purity and weight of the gems; types of metals used; and times for setting. I have to say that Nicholas Wylde and his team stood out for the personal care and attention they gave to my wife and me.

I know, you’re probably thinking all this sounds very eccentric. I admit it, by normal standards it is. But designing a bespoke piece of astrological jewellery is a magical and personal process that results in a thing of beauty that has deep significance for the wearer. After all, it is a lucky charm connected to the stars!”

—Michael Geary (michaelgeary.co.uk)

To learn more about Michael Geary, his knowledge and services, click here.

Wisdom quote by Michael Geary

White gold yellow and green trilliant cocktail ring

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