Terms & Conditions


1ct Diamond in a Bottle of Bath Gin Promotion

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. You will be bound by these Terms and Conditions by participating in the 1ct Diamond in a Bottle of Bath Gin Promotion (“Promotion”). These Terms and Conditions prevail the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. Please retain a copy for your information. The Promoters take the protection of your personal data seriously. By entering this Promotion, you confirm that you have read and understood the Promoter’s Transparency Notice and consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Transparency Notice.

Promoters: Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith LTD and The Bath Gin Company LTD

Abbreviations of the £10K diamond and its patented diamond cut the ‘Wylde Flower Diamond®’ will be used within this document such as ‘WFD’ or ‘wfd’ and will appear throughout these Terms & Conditions. The final prize of the £10K Wylde Flower Diamond weighing 1ct, inside a 1L bottle of Bath Gin, will also be referred to as the ‘WFD Bottle’, and should be understood as thus.

Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith Ltd may also be referred to in these Terms & Conditions as ‘Wylde’, ‘Wylde’s’ and ‘Wylde Jewellers’ or similar, and should be understood as thus.

The Bath Gin Company and/or it Canary Gin Bar may also be referred to in these Terms & Conditions as ‘The Bath Distillery, ‘Bath Gin’, ‘Gin’, ‘Bath Distillery’, ‘Bath Gin Bar’, and ‘Gin Bar’, and should be understood as thus.


  1. This Promotion is open to UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) Isle of Man (IoM) and Channel Island (CI) residents only and excludes employees and the immediate families of Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith LTD and The Bath Gin Company (“the Promoters”), or anyone professionally connected to the Promotion.
  2. Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.

Promotional Period

  1. Promotion is open from 16th September 2019 at 1pm (availability of competition bottles dependent on stock distribution) and closes on the 31st of January 2020 at 1pm (“Promotional Period”).

Entry Instructions

  1. In order to enter the competition a participant must buy a 70cl bottle of Bath Gin, read the entirety of the attached neck label, open the cap carefully, remove the coded ‘ticket’ within, and follow the competition instructions on the neck label and ticket to visit the sole entry point that is www.nicholaswylde.com/gin, enter their unique code, enter their email address, and tick the relevant boxes and make the relevant agreements, and must retain the ticket until the competition’s final winner has collected their prize. Your entrance will be allocated a unique number and will be placed into the monthly draws for mini-prizes as well as the final draw for the 10k diamond.
  2. Please note: Competition bottles are only the ones with the pink competition neck label on them advertising the competition.

Participating Retail Stockists

  1. Promotional Bottles will be sold by the following distributors and will be available depending on stock distribution:


  1. One prize of a litre of Bath Gin containing a 1ct, £10,000, diamond patented cut Wylde Flower Diamond® (“WFD Bottle”), with the winner drawn between the 5th and 7th of February 2020.
  2. The prize consists of a Wylde Flower Diamond that is ‘loose’ but set into a sterling silver and enamelled mount for the purposes of containing it inside the gin bottle. The prize does not include a ‘setting’ apart from the stem it comes in inside the bottle. The Promoters recommend that the winner come back to Wylde Jewellers to have the diamond set into a suitable piece of jewellery. This will not be complimentary and will be at cost to the winner.
  3. 25 mini-prizes or “goodie boxes” up to the value of £50, 5 drawn monthly and contacted within the last 10 days of each month. The winners will be chosen by an independent person not related to the competition using a random number generator, this will be filmed and used for evidence of the draw if need be, or requested by Wylde. The prizes will be sent out by Bath Gin. Winners will be notified within 24hrs of a draw via the email address they gave at the competition’s entry point. If they fail to email back a photo of their ‘lucky ticket’ on request or fail to acknowledge the email with a valid UK delivery address within 20 days, they forfeit the prize.
  4. Goodie boxes will contain 1x jewellery cleaning cloth, 1x clean and polish voucher redeemable at a Wylde’s shop in Bath or Bristol, 1x mini gin gift set, 1x £20 canary gin bar voucher.

Claiming Your Prize

  1. To claim your prize(s) you must provide the original ticket that was hidden under the cap. No photocopies, forgeries photos of ticket acceptable. The whole entry number must be readable. You must verify that you are the person at the address details you have given with photo ID of proof of your address. I.e. passport or divining license
  2. To claim the WFD Bottle you must be able, within reason, to arrange a time to visit Bath to collect the prize in person within 60 days of verification of winning the prize. To be available to collect the bottle at Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith and the winner may hold a small celebration +1 guest with 2x complimentary Wylde Flower cocktails, alcoholic or non-alcoholic on request. The winner and their guest may be encouraged to take part in having their photo taken for media and marketing purposes by the Promoters.
  3. To claim the monthly draws for mini-prizes, other than the WFD Bottle, you must send a photo of your ticket together with photo verification id. Once verified your prize will be dispatched by special delivery (only to the address supplied via email by the mini-prize winner during correspondence with The Promoters).
  4. You must retain your ticket in order to claim any monthly prizes and the WFD Bottle. If you visit Bath to collect you will receive two complimentary Wylde flower cocktails at the Gin Bar.
  5. No cash equivalent can be given for any of the prizes available in the Promotion.
  6. If you have not acknowledged your win with in 30 days you lose your right to claim

Entry Instructions

  1. Prizes are as specified, and the winner is not permitted to transfer the right to take up a prize to anyone else unless agreed under very special circumstances such as disability.
  2. The Promoters shall be entitled to disregard any invalid, incomplete, unsubstantiated or fraudulent claims and to disqualify the entrant from the Promotion.
  3. The winner of the WFD Bottle also needs to present the original winning lucky ticket in person on the day of collection. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. Responsibility cannot be accepted by the Promoter for any ticket within the lid of a promotional bottle (“Lucky Ticket”); or claim documentation that is lost, damaged, mislaid or delayed, nor any associated costs to entrants.
  4. Only the winner with whom Wylde staff have been corresponding with via email may collect or have the WFD Bottle delivered to them unless they have designated a separate person as long as all other conditions have been met. E.g. presentation of the winning ticket.

Data Protection

  1. Your data will only be used by the Promoters and both companies abide by the GDPR rules. Only your first name and location will be made public on winning and your email or address will be used if you agree to on point of entry.  Your data will not be passed to another company.
  2. Collected competition participant’s email addresses will only be shared with the Promoters for additional media purposes when the relevant GDPR box(es) are ticked.
  3. Competition participant’s email addresses will be collected by Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith Ltd for the purpose of contacting monthly mini-prize winner (unless they have signed up for additional content such as the Wylde currently-monthly newsletter) and the final winner of the WFD Bottle. These will be destroyed following the completion of the competition in March 2020 if they have not signed up for additional promotional materials, digital or otherwise.
  4. (Andy and Antin to finalise this part)
  5. Make sure to include a part on sharing info with both businesses but not shared with 3rd
  6. Antin have duplicate email address part at competition entry point to make sure they match.
  7. Also Instagram plug with mention to encourage them to follow us for all the latest news on the competition.
  8. Also a ‘where you heard about us’ drop down with various options ready – list will be provided by Nicholas
  9. URL must be nicholaswylde.com/ginterms for t&c page

General / Other

  1. In the event of circumstances beyond the control of the Promoter, or in cases of fraud, abuse and/or error (human or computer) that affect or could affect the proper operation of the Promotion or the awarding of prizes, and only when the circumstances are that this is unavoidable, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel or modify the Promotion or these Terms and Conditions at any time, but will always endeavour to minimize the impact on the participant in order to avoid undue disappointment.
  2. The Promoters reserve the right to conduct audits on all entries and winners and to refuse a prize, to withdraw a prize or refuse further participation in the Promotion where there are reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a violation of these Terms and Conditions or any instruction regarding the requirements for participation in the Promotion or in the event that a participant would have had an unfair advantage in participating in the Promotion or would have won by fraudulent means. The Promoters will be the final arbiter for all decisions, which are final and binding. The Promoters will not respond to any correspondence.
  3. Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith Ltd.’s Wylde Jewellers website holds the one and only URL by which a competition participant can enter the competition. The Bath Gin Company will have a webpage devoted to the competition, but will link to our URL at www.nicholaswylde.com/gin for anyone wishing to enter.
  4. “Participating stockists” refers to the locations at which the promotional bottles will be sold and does not mean that the staff at these locations will be aware of the Promotion.
  5. The Promotors and Participating Stockists take no responsibility for a ticket within the Bath Gin bottle’s cap being damaged in any way; Nor do they take responsibility should the text on said ticket being smudged, mis-printed, or damaged in any way.
  6. If a promotional bottle of Bath Gin is bought within the competition running time, but the code on the ticket isn’t entered at nicholaswylde.com/gin during the competition running time, then the entry is invalid.
  7. To enter the competition, the code on the ‘lucky ticket’ inside the cap must be entered during the competition running time. Purchase time of bottle has no baring on this.
  8. If a person intentionally or just so happens to buy a competition bottle following the closing date of the competition, they will not be able to enter and/or their entry will be invalid.
  9. Despite the running dates of the competition not being on the promotional neck label or on the lucky ticket, entrants have however been asked to visit our T&Cs page for the full information including the running time. This is to encourage entrants to understand the full instructions, terms and conditions for entering when they visit nicholaswylde.com/gin at the same time as learning the competition’s running time. The Promoters take no responsibility for an entrant’s delayed or late entrance to the competition after buying a bottle.
  10. The Promotors and Participating Stockists take no responsibility for the competition’s neck label adorning the Bath Gin bottle to be missing, mis-printed, wet or damaged in anyway. 
  11. The Promoters warn all participants of the competition that no diamond(s) can be won within any bottle of Bath Gin on the shelves of a vendor itself.
  12. The Promoters take no responsibility for a competition participant’s failed entry, mishap or misunderstanding due to typographic error or design flaws in signage, online, and/or across all media channels.
  13. The bottles available for purchase that allow for competition entries are all the 70cl measurements and flavours of Bath Gin available between 16th of September 2019 at 1pm, to the 31st of January 2020 at 1pm.
  14. The Promoters highly advise against the winner, or anyone else, smashing open their WFD Bottle to retrieve the WFD and instead advise them to come directly to Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith Ltd in Bath to have it professionally removed.
  15. The Bath Gin Company confirm that the WFD Bottle’s gin is drinkable despite having the diamond and other inedible materials inside it.
  16. The Promoters take no responsibility as to the safety of the winner of the WFD Bottle or the condition of the WFD should a participant choose to, against The Promoter’s advice, smash the WFD bottle.
  17. The Promoters reserve the right to close the competition later or earlier than the designated duration due to exceptional circumstances, such as website faults, staff sickness, or website and property violations.
  18. Monthly ‘mini-winners’ refer to the recipients of the five monthly smaller prizes, dubbed ‘mini-prizes’ that will be drawn randomly from a numbered spreadsheet and using a random number generator within the last 10 days of every month.
  19. Mini-winners cannot win the WFD Bottle as a ‘mini-prize’, but will still remain eligible for more mini-prizes as well as the final WFD bottle prize at the end.
  20. If at the end of any given month we have less than 5 entrants to the competition in total, each person on the entrants list will receive a mini-prize, e.g. if there are 3 entrants then 3 mini-prizes will be sent out. The extra remaining 2 (in this example) of the target 5 to be sent out at the end of the month will not be carried over to the following month’s draw and it’s contents will go back into The Promoters’ stock.
  21. The WFD within the gin will have a RRP of no less than £10,000 and will be no less than a 1.01ct, Si2, H, IGI Certificated and will be an official patented Wylde Flower Diamond cut with it’s registered trademark owned by Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith Ltd.
  22. In order to claim the final WFD Bottle, it’s winner will need to travel to Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith Ltd and The Bath Distillery’s Canary Gin Bar in Bath on the date and time previously arranged in correspondence between the winner and Wylde staff.
  23. In order to claim the final WFD Bottle, it’s winner will be encouraged to consent to being filmed and photographed for all media channels for multiple purposes including newsletters, social media, press releases, and online and offline media for use by both of the Promoters.
  24. If a winner does not consent to be photographed, filmed, or presented on offline or online media channels they will have their identity hidden using a facial blur and voice distorter if the Promoters insist on using the filmed and photographed content.
  25. The WFD Bottle will only be delivered to the winning recipient under particularly special circumstances such as disability, or other debilitating physical, or mental health issues that warrant a reasonable change in the The Promoter’s preferred closing event of the competition.
  26. The WFD bottle cannot be exchanged or part-exchanged for alternative items, Wylde stock, Bath Gin stock or currency.
  27. The mini-prizes cannot be exchanged or part-exchanged for alternative items, Wylde stock, Bath Gin stock or currency.
  28. The winner of the final WFD Bottle will be asked for identification to verify that they are the winner in conjunction with correspondence and/or if they look under the age of 35 in order to be presented with the alcoholic prize.
  29. D. must be in the form of a passport, drivers licence, or birth certificate.
  30. The Promoters will make a total of three attempts during the 30 days since and including the initial win-notification to contact the WFD Bottle winner via the email address they provided at the competition’s entry point and take no responsibility for errors or typos in said email address provided to them.
  31. If the WFD Bottle is not claimed by it’s sole winner, the WFD Bottle and it’s diamond will be withdrawn from the competition all together and cannot be claimed by any other person(s).
  32. The winner of the final WFD Bottle voids their win when and if the following occurs:
  • Winner did not supply an email address during the competition’s entry process.
  • Winner entered outside of the competition’s valid running time (16th Sept 2019 – 31st Jan 2020)
  • Winner does not physically have the original winning coded ticket from the bottle of Bath Gin they purchased.
  • The Promoters have reason to believe the winning ticket the winner presents was stolen, forged or altered in any way.
  • The Winner fails, when asked, to send a photo via email, or present her winning ticket in person within 30 days.
  • The winner fails, when asked, to provide a delivery address within 30 days.
  • Winner does not reply to winning notification email within 30 days.
  • Winner does not reply to emails following them themselves having replied to the initial win-notification email in conversation with a Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith Ltd representative arranging for the collection or delivery of the WFD Bottle within 15 days.
  • Winner does not turn up if/when an event has been arranged for the formal acceptance of his or her prize in Bath or Bristol with the Promoters.
  • The competition participant is staff, spouse or a immediate family member of Nicholas Wylde Goldsmith Ltd or The Bath Gin Company or is professionally connected to the Promotion in any way.
  • The competition participant is under 18.
  • The competition participant fails when asked to provide identification.
  • The competition participant exhibits health issues due to alcohol consumption and/or would to the best of the Promoters knowledge have their health issues severely exacerbated by alcohol consumption.