GCSE media work experiencer Abraham at Wylde Jewellers in Bath

GCSE Media Intern

This month we had a GCSE-level media intern at Wylde Jewellers in Bath. He was a fantastically creative young lad with notable passion for videography and photography. He said of his experience “the difference between the first day and last day are completely different”, as he started out really quite nervous “because I did not know if I was going to do well enough or if I would break something by accident (which I did)” but by the end of the week “I felt like I was another employee in the shop. Everyone always smiled at me and always asked me how I was.”

He always came in with a smile on his face, every day of his work experience week. He took instruction well, and was 100% capable working by himself, and never argued or turned up late from lunch. Clare Power, the Web & Media Manager who took him under her wing, was incredibly impressed by his daily can-do, smiley attitude, an aspect of his personality that she said would make any employer forgive any faults in his work, if there were any!

By the end of the week, photographing jewellery for the website, learning photoshop retouching, and generally helping in admin as well as the teas and coffees, our intern had produced a video interview featuring Shop Manager, Nick Wood, and Jewellery Designer, India Mee. While the video isn’t on par with the standards of the industry, the Media Manager was incredibly impressed with his level of production considering he was only at GCSE level, commenting “if he’s this good already, he’s going to be an absolute whizz when he’s older!” – See below for the video.

He commented on his last day – “I want to give special thanks to Clare for taking care of me and teaching me how to do my roles, to Nick and India for be part of my interview project, to Biagio for making me laugh with his little jokes and talking Spanish with me and to Nicholas for giving me the opportunity of having my work experience at his shop”.

It was a delight to have him, and who knows, maybe one day he’ll be a permanent fixture within the Wylde Team!

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