Thriving On The Side Streets


“The high street is changing. Footfall is dropping, and independent businesses everywhere are closing. But one business that has stood this test so far, in the sweet little side streets of Bristol and Bath for over 30 years, is the newly named Wylde Jewellers. The jewellery boutique, founded by Nicholas Wylde, specialises in unique pieces set with dazzling stones, and it’s nationally renowned for it’s bespoke service, with workshops on site. Their talent and service has been proven to be top notch time and again, evidenced by the multiple awards they’ve won within the industry, including Best Boutique Jeweller in the United Kingdom, two years ago.

But Wylde knows even long standing independents like his, with a loyal client base and a proven track record, need to move with the times. “It’s not about doing one big thing” he says, “changing with the times doesn’t have to be one big daunting challenge in which you aim to alter your entire business, it’s about doing lots of new little things, always keeping in mind the new generations and what their shopping habits will become”.

Behind the scenes, Wylde and his media team are working tirelessly on re-imagining their website to make shopping simpler come 2020 – 2021. To increase interest down his beloved side streets, he also this Christmas has installed a beautiful 100% eco-friendly display of evergreen and gold fabric poinsettias. “Passers by come into the shop just to tell us how good it smells, and the fairy lights on them can be seen from the end of the street”.

This season, Nicholas also teamed up with The Bath Gin Company to set a £10,000 Wylde Flower Diamond inside a bottle of gin for a competition, and held a flower arranging and cocktail making event exclusively for social media influencers to blog about. Together they reached a modest 100,000 followers. More information at

We can’t wait to see what will come next from this Bath & Bristol jeweller, but whatever it is, we’re sure it’ll be well earned.”

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