Treasures revealed!

Our summer treasure hunt around the city centre of Bath had between 2-3,000 people searching for the seven jewelled treasures we had hidden in top secret locations – all in pursuit of that jaw-dropping £10k value prize package!

The lucky winner who scoops the whole prize can be revealed as Mr Peter Richardson!

Our heartiest congratulations goes out to Peter and thanks to everyone who took part.

All seven treasures have been gathered together and are currently on display in our stores for real-life viewing and you can also see them all below along with the locations and their original clues. Thanks to everyone who took part in our hunt making it the most successful promotion we’ve ever done!

  1. Wildflower-dia-ring-04853-NWylde-05-17

    A shop full of sparkles you will find here

    We bring delight to those you hold dear

    With a token of love that will never fade

    A beautiful flower is not all we’ve made

This clue lead, of course, to Nicholas Wylde Bath with the treasure being a Wylde Flower Diamond ® ring – the diamond with the most sparkles in the entire world!


2. Between a shop and elegant tea room

Where once Romans took their time

You’ll find a treasure of special bloom

Let hot waters be your sign

Here the clue pointed to hot waters which could either have been the Roman Baths or the Pump Room. ‘Between a shop and elegant tea room’ could only mean the Pump Room and a stunning 18ct yellow gold pendant of Bath’s world-famous Pulteney Bridge was there waiting for discovery….


3. This family business has been here for 55 years

With first class products that’s music to your ears

It’s name doesn’t grow on a rolling stone

But with sound and with vision, it comes into its own

Lots of elements in this clue to point to the location: ’55 years, sound and vision’ but the biggest hint was in the phrase ‘It’s name doesn’t grow on a rolling stone’. Who else could it have been but Moss of Bath! A 18ct white gold, bejewelled pendant with a miniature TV screen was the treasure on display here.


4. In a busy little shopping place

This lady came to set the pace

Of designer shoes, so wonderful to see

But who could this lady possibly be?

‘Shopping place (Milsom Place)’ ‘ designer shoes’ and the poser ‘who could this lady possibly BE’ all directed hunters to Chanii B with jewelled footwear decorations ready to be discovered there.


5. Fashion for men is what we excel at

Classic and chic and cool as a cat

You’ll find us on a bustling street

Where our Italian flavour is ready to greet

Men’s fashion with ‘Italian’ flavour on a ‘bustling street’ could only have lead to Gabucci menswear on Milson Street where a Platinum, diamond-studded bow-tie awaited discovery.


6. A gallery of art that’s full of history

Named after a Queen who came here to see

A building that opened during her reign

Take a look inside and play our game

An art gallery that opened during a Queen’s reign ‘full of history’ can only mean the Victoria Art Gallery where this fabulous Wylde Art treasure titled ‘Evening Flight’ was located.


7. The solution to this one is very clear

For holistic eye-care you should come here

A girl’s name, a boy’s name and you have the clue

There’s a treasure awaiting discovery by you

Two main clues here: ‘holistic eye-care’ and ‘a girl’s name, a boy’s name’ could only mean that the final treasure, jewelled encrusted eye-glasses, could be found at Kathryn Anthony optician.

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