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READ this newsletter to WIN a Zandra Rhodes pendant, worth £2,000!

title ico Bath in Fashion 2016 is here as Dame Zandra joins our ‘Wylde World’!
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It’s an exciting month coming up as the fashion pack moves into Bath for the prestigious Bath in Fashion week-long series of events (April 18 – 22) and Nicholas Wylde is right in the centre of all the action. We’re so proud to sponsor the Designer Fashion Show on April 22 and also unveil the results of our spectacular collaboration with legendary fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes.

This takes the form of a unique pendant, designed by Zandra and engraved with her signature then lovingly crafted in 9ct rose gold, diamonds and pink sapphires by Nicholas Wylde. It’s something truly special and the pendant will be on display in our Bath store during Bath in Fashion week before making its catwalk debut on April 22 during our own portion of the Designer Fashion Show.

This pendant is so unique, you can’t buy it – but you might be able to win it and support charitable organisations at the same time. See the next feature for more details of how you can do this.

Nicholas, who is always looking for fresh challenges and innovations, said: “This is an amazing opportunity to work with an incredible, vibrant designer in fashion and I know the results will be simply stunning.

I’m so pleased that this is happening as it will prove to be one of the high-lights of our Grand Finale Designer Fashion show for Bath in Fashion 2016.”

Now in its fifth year, Bath in Fashion promises stimulating debate, fast paced catwalks and a line-up of cutting edge designers, including Dame Zandra Rhodes ( Julien MacDonald, ( Erdem,( Eley Kishimoto ( and Nicholas Oakwell (

The finale show is staged by international show producer John Walford ( with stylist Rebekah Roy (, hair by Artisan , ( make-up by NARS. ( It takes place on April 22 in the Ballroom of the Assembly Rooms in Bath and there are two performances, in the afternoon at 3pm and early evening at 7pm.

To obtain tickets for all events including the grand finale, head over to Bath In Fashion's website for all the details but hurry, as tickets are now very limited.

550 px image Your chance to win a gorgeous unique pendant designed by Zandra Rhodes & Nicholas Wylde, worth £2,000! 550 px image Peter, one of our highly skilled in-house goldsmith team, begins work on the pendant from original design sketches by Zandra Rhodes and Nicholas Wylde

For your chance to win this ‘only-one-in-the-world’ pendant, you can purchase a raffle ticket to enter a draw and donate to three different charities.

Tickets are available in person from either Bath or Bristol branches of Nicholas Wylde and at all Bath in Fashion events, or by phoning our Bath shop (01225 462826), or by email at

Tickets are priced at £20 each and ALL proceeds will go to support People Against Poverty; RUH Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now.

The draw to find the lucky winner will take place on Friday, April 22 and the winner will be notified by email on April 26. Full terms and conditions can be found on our website

The very best of luck to you all!

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title ico A simply stunning bespoke set delivers the ‘Wylde Effect’ for one happy customer!
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We absolutely love happy customers and also love creating unique bespoke items just for them. This is what Nicholas and his team specialise in, creating sumptuously beautiful jewellery items, destined to be cherished. Here’s a great example of both in this simply stunning set of Wylde creations, crafted in white gold, emeralds and brilliant cut diamonds, consisting of pendant, ring and set of earrings.

Worn together or individually, these gorgeous creations in a wave-style are a fabulous example of the famous ‘Wylde Effect’ and they certainly wove their magic on Mrs Heidi Rockett, whose husband Kevin wrote to us:.

“In 2008, after coming back from abroad with some rubies, sapphires and emeralds I had bought, I was looking to have some jewellery made for my wife and my son & daughter. Nicholas Wylde was recommended to us as someone who could make the stones into bespoke items. We contacted Nicholas and thus began what was to become an eight year association of having items made..

More recently, I returned home again with more gems and again brought them to Nicholas and his team. My wife had emeralds made into a necklace, ring and earrings.

We have been more than impressed with the service, help, and advice which Nicholas has given at all stages from initial design through to final items. We would recommend him to anyone wanting bespoke jewellery either made from scratch, as we did, or from the items on display.”.

You can learn more about our bespoke design services as well as browse our entire ranges of sumptuous jewellery at our easy-to-use website:

We’ve also added a new page recently on our website, ‘Latest Commissions’ which will be updated regularly showing you all our wonderful new commissions as they pass through our in-house workshop..

Get all the latest images and stories here:.
Our latest commisssions
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title ico Shirley Temple's rare 'Blue Bird' takes flight
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A rare blue diamond that belonged to former child star Shirley Temple is set to be auctioned this month for an estimated price of £17.3m to £24.2m, says Sotheby’s.

The 9.54-carat ‘Fancy Deep Blue potentially internally Flawless’, VVS2 clarity diamond ring was purchased by Temple’s father for $7,210 (£5,000) in 1940, around the time of her 12th birthday and the premiere of her film 'The Blue Bird'. The auction house said the film may have served as inspiration for purchasing a blue stone specifically, as coloured diamonds were not as coveted at the time as they are in today’s market.

The traditional cushion-cut stone remained in Temple’s collection until her passing in 2014, when a private buyer bought the ring from her estate.

The rise in demand for coloured gemstones has also been highlighted by auction house Bonham’s, which said a surge in demand has lead to a rise in prices.
title ico Play the game and win a £25 Wylde Voucher! Where (on Earth) in Bath...?
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We’ve been causing some head-scratching recently on our Facebook page with a new just-for-fun feature called ‘Where in Bath?’

Every Friday, we run a photograph showing a close-up detail of a building in the city centre and invite visitors to our page to guess where it might be.

Some are relatively easy to guess but others promise to test even the most knowledgeable of viewers. Join in the fun and see if you can identify the first few weeks’ worth of photos and correctly say ‘Where in Bath?’

Send your answers through to and the first entry we receive to identify all three correctly will win a voucher with a value of £25* and be mentioned and congratulated in next month’s newsletter.

And don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for all the latest stories and news from our ‘Wylde World’ including brand new ‘Where in Bath’ photos.

Good luck!

Nicholas Wylde Facebook

*Voucher can be used on one transaction on any full price item priced at £50 or more. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. No cash exchange. No expiry date on voucher, good until presented.
ico Nicholas Wylde Guide to Gemstones
title ico April’s birthstone: Diamond
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"She who from April dates her years,
diamonds shall wear,
lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow."

— Gregorian birthstone poem

For those born in the month of April, lucky you, for diamond is your traditional birthstone.

Diamonds are graded by colour, cut, clarity and carat (weight) – known as the ‘four c’s’. One of the oldest minerals in the universe, diamond is pure carbon and is both the hardest mineral found on Earth and the most prized and desired of all gemstones throughout history.

Its exceptional lustre and brilliant fire, together with its strong durability, has seen the coveted diamond long associated with fearlessness but more closely symbolic with love.

Despite being the hardest natural substance known, diamond has a crystalline carbon similar in chemistry to graphite which is one of the softest minerals known. Only a diamond can polish another diamond.

In modern times diamonds are regarded as the perfect token of love and commitment with the tradition of an engagement ring worn on the third finger of the left hand traced back to ancient Egypt. They believed that the vein of love (vena amoris) ran directly from the heart to the top of the left hand’s third finger and placed the precious diamond in its path.

The traditional brilliant cut uses the diamond’s naturally well-formed crystals to make the stone sparkle. The patented Wylde Flower Diamond, with its 81 precisely cut facets – 24 more than a brilliant cut – makes a diamond sparkle with an intensely passionate fire.
title ico And finally....
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If you go and see the latest Disney animated movie 'Zootropolis' (released over Easter) you may hear a familiar name mentioned during the film.

One of the characters, a wily fox with a silver tongue and a heart of gold is named none other than ... Nick Wilde!

The character may not be an award-winning designer jeweller but he certainly walks on the 'Wylde side'!
ico The Wylde Effect
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