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Ladies, indulge yourself with our free summer show of fab bags, cool shoes & rare diamonds!

title ico Bath July 18-23, Bristol July 25-30
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This summer we’re bringing the fabulous to town with a very special event showcasing a collection of stunning vintage collectable designer handbags, gorgeous hand-made shoes and, of course, dazzling rare and fancy cut diamonds!

Nicholas has brought together all these elements that ladies love for a week-long exhibition at both our Bath and Bristol branches in July.

Come along to see a colourful collection of vintage collectable handbags (including a stunning Christian Dior ostrich skin bag used by Sarah Jessica Parker in the 2008 movie 'Sex in the City'!) , designer shoes and our own unique ranges of sumptuous diamond jewellery, while you enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbly from Nicholas’ own branded champagne and a yummy chocolate.

And for the collectors among you, all handbags, shoes and jewellery items are available for sale!

The dates for the shows are:
  • Bath July 18 – 23
  • Bristol July 25 – 30
Indulge yourself in our Summer Style Show highlighting ‘what ladies love!’

We expect interest to be high for these shows and you can just turn up during opening hours to attend, but if you’d like to register interest and book a particular date and time, email with your preferred information and we’ll make sure we have the bubbly waiting for you!

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From gorgeous bespoke designer shoes to glamorous Hollywood handbags!
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Come along to see amazing rare diamonds of breathtaking colours and fancy cuts, like this rare 'Horse's Head' cut

Vintage designer bags in collaboration with
Bespoke designer shoes in collaboration with
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title ico Client Story: Leaf design topaz & diamond ring brings delight for young couple
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It’s always a delight for us to be a part of a young couples’ romantic path by creating an engagement ring for them that will be cherished a lifetime.

We specialise in commissions, which means you can bring your imagination to us and have a real input into whatever item we create for you, making it highly personalised.

Such was the case for John and Jana, a lovely couple who recently collected their topaz and diamond two stone engagement ring, consisting of a principal brown topaz and a diamond in palladium rubover settings and mounted on a palladium shank with leaf design shoulders.

Over a glass of bubbly in our store, they commented: "Thanks to Claudia and the rest of the staff at Nicholas Wylde for helping John create such a beautiful and unique ring and for making the whole process enjoyable. John and Jana"
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title ico Now in Stock! Miracle of nature – bottle green to bubble-gum pink
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One of the most beautiful gemstones is the incredibly complex gemstone, tourmaline.

To find a piece of tourmaline that makes the transition from one gorgeous colour to another is nothing short of a miracle of nature. The transition from bottle green to bubble gum pink witnessed in Bi- Colour Tourmaline is one of the most beautiful, natural journeys on the planet.

As seen in this stunning new ring that’s just come into stock at Nicholas Wylde, showing a wonderful example of Bi-Colour Tourmaline in all its natural glory!

Some of the finest Bi-colour Tourmaline comes from the Pederneira Mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil but it’s also mined in Nigeria, Madagascar and Afghanistan.

The gem’s crystal structure tends to be thin and long which results in the gem normally being faceted as a baguette or octagon shape.

This truly stunning ring is now in stock at Nicholas Wylde Bath and looking for a loving home.

Coming in stock soon ...

Watch out for the ‘Wild’ life!

We’re adding three more animal motif jewellery items to our ‘Wild Collection’ range very soon. More news on this next month...
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title ico Jewellery news: Largest violet diamond revealed...
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Rio Tinto's Argyle Pink Diamonds business has unveiled the largest violet diamond ever recovered from the Argyle mine in Western Australia.

The 2.83 ct polished oval shaped diamond, known as the Argyle Violet, will be the dazzling centrepiece of the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, the annual showcase of the rarest diamonds from the Argyle mine.

Manager Josephine Johnson says: "We are very excited to announce this historic diamond ahead of our Tender launch. This stunning violet diamond will capture the imagination of the world’s leading collectors and connoisseurs."
ico Nicholas Wylde Bespoke Collection
title ico July’s birthstone - Ruby
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"The gleaming Ruby should adorn,
All those who in July are born,
For thus they'll be exempt and free,
From lover's doubts and anxiety."

— Gregorian birthstone poem

For those of you born in the summer month of July, ruby is your birthstone, known as the 'king of gems'.

Ruby is the name given to red gem-quality corundum. All corundum that is not red is called sapphire. Corundum is the second hardest gemstone after diamond, although it is only 1/140th as hard and scratches and chips can occur.

Ruby is one of the most popular gemstones for use in jewellery and can be any shade of red, from pinkish or purplish to brownish. The most desirable colour is "pigeon’s blood" – pure red with a hint of blue. Ruby is one of the most expensive gems, large rubies being rarer than comparable diamonds.
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In popular culture, the ruby is associated with the most famous slippers of all, the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in the 1939 film ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

The slippers that Dorothy Gale wore in the L. Frank Baum novels were originally described as ‘silver slippers’. That’s right - silver. The change was made for the movie in order to take full advantage of the Technicolor process, which was cutting edge at the time.

Five pairs of ruby slippers in all were manufactured, to the specifications of costume designer Gilbert Adrian. Once production was completed, the slippers went into storage in the studio’s wardrobe department, not to be seen again until they were auctioned off in 1970. One pair was purchased anonymously for $15,000 US and donated in 1979 to the Smithsonian Institute, and little is known of the others, except that one pair was later sold for $666,000 US and another pair was stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Minnesota.
ico Nicholas Wylde Gemstones
title ico Gem Folklore # 3 - The Pelican, the opal and the secret of fire - Australia
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The indigenous people of Australia carry their vast history in a collection of stories. The legends and wisdom of the ancients has been passed down orally from generation to generation. The Dreaming is a recurring part of that history. It refers to the time when Ancestral Beings roamed the earth to establish life.

Long ago in the Dreamtime, the people of the Wangkumara tribe sent a pelican up north to see what was there. He carried a supply of fish in his dilly bag [pouch beneath his beak], which was full of water that kept his fish fresh for him. He needed food because he had been told that he must not stop during his journey of discovery.

Pelican commenced his journey but after a short while he felt sick and could not continue and landed on top of a hill not all that far from his people. While resting, he looked around at the country spread out beneath him and marvelled at the mixture of glorious colours. This was opal. Pelican could not understand why the ground looked so beautiful and started chipping it with his beak out of curiosity. Although the country was mainly dry and rocky, there was quite a lot of grass. While Pelican was pecking the coloured stones with his beak a spark flew out and lit the dead grass. Flames rose into the air as the fire spread slowly across the arid plains for a long distance. It crept towards a number of his people who were camped near Cooper’s Creek and, for the first time, they could cook their fish and meat.
ico Nicholas Wylde Bespoke Collection
title ico Spirit of Independence! Indie traders unite
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Independent Retailer Month is a campaign that runs annually throughout July to highlight the important role smaller, local, independent retailers play in the communities they serve, the local economy they contribute to, and in the retail sector as a whole.

Buying locally supports local traders, their suppliers and the people they depend on to run their businesses. Buying locally boosts the local economy, rebuilding confidence in the community, enabling local businesses to prosper and grow.

Buying from local, independent businesses be they shops, cafes, salons, restaurants, market traders or whatever means we each are doing 'our bit' to keep our high street, town or village centre 'open for business'. It is genuinely a case of 'use it or lose it'.

Nicholas said: "It's important to support the local retailer – for unique products, better service and an all-round more positive experience. And when you’re browsing online, remember our easy-to-use new website which makes shopping from home a pleasure. And remember also, independent retailers pay their fair taxes, unlike some of the bigger retail corporations online and on the high street"

So, celebrate the spirit of independence and shop wise!
title ico And finally ...Where in Bath? - Play the game and win a £25 Wylde voucher!
We had another great response from our ‘Where in Bath?’ feature in last month’s newsletter, where we invited readers to guess from details of a photograph where exactly in the city the photos were taken.

Despite that great response, however, June’s competition proved to be the hardest one so far and we received many entries – but not one that was completely correct!

The correct answers were:
  1. The window painting of Charles Dickens can be found on the corner of Grove Street. The Dickens novel that in part described life in Bath was ‘Pickwick Papers’
  2. The metal seal can be found in Queen’s Square. These seals denoted whether a building had fire insurance - if there wasn’t one the fire brigade would not put out the fire.
  3. The Victorian post-box can be found at the Holborn museum end of Great Pulteney Street. There is another one also at Laura Place end.
For this month, we're presenting three more images to test your knowledge and observational skills. So, let's play again 'Where in Bath?'
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1. This section of a medieval wall is the only portion left of what once was a wall that encircled the whole city.
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2. One the city's famous residents, Jane Austen actually lived at three different addresses in Bath, but where would you find this plaque next to the number four?
261 px image
3. He was the city's famous Master of Ceremonies in the Georgian period but where would you find this street sign for Beau Nash House?

Don’t forget, you can see brand new 'Where in Bath?' posers every Friday on our Facebook page:

Nicholas Wylde Facebook

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