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title ico Wylde designs on Bath in Fashion Week 2016
– with the legendary Zandra Rhodes!
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Here’s a tantalising first sneak peek at just one element of our own catwalk run for the grand finale Designer Show at this year’s Bath in Fashion - the colourful dresses that Nicholas has personally designed and had hand-made especially in Vietnam.

We’ll be revealing the full splendour of the garments a little nearer the event along with all our other plans to ensure our finale is even more spectacular than last year’s show!

These plans include a very exciting collaboration with legendary fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, who is currently designing an exclusive necklace with Nicholas. This will be hand-made in our in-house workshop and will be revealed as part of our grand finale for the Designer Fashion Show! It will also be on display throughout the week of Bath in Fashion. We can’t wait to show it off to you all!

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Bath in Fashion 2016 takes place over April 18 – 24 and Nicholas Wylde is proud to once again sponsor and take part in the grand finale Designer Fashion show of this week-long programme that’s now firmly established as a major fashion event.

The finale show is staged by international show producer John Walford with hair by Artisan and make-up by NARS.

It takes place on April 22 in the Ballroom of the Assembly Rooms in Bath and there are two performances, in the afternoon at 3pm and early evening at 7pm.

Now in its fifth year, Bath in Fashion promises stimulating debate, fast paced catwalks and a line-up of cutting edge designers including Zandra Rhodes, Julien MacDonald, Erdem, Eley Kishimoto and Nicholas Oakwell who will all reveal the next trends in fashion, fresh for 2016.

To register interest and obtain tickets for different events including the grand finale, head over to Bath in Fashion’s website for all the details. Bath In Fashion 2016 Website

There are complimentary tickets available to Nicholas Wylde customers but hurry as places are becoming very limited. You can register your interest here Register your interest

You can also take a look at a video showing our previous finale fashion show from 2015: Nicholas Wylde Bath In Fashion 2015 Finale

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ico Nicholas Wylde and Bath In Fashion
title ico The Wylde and winding road to lasting memories
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At Nicholas Wylde we invest not only our expertise and artistic vision but also our time to ensure that customers become long-time friends as well as clients, trusting our advice and always happy to return.

We understand that this is a very important element and that the beloved items of jewellery we create, link us intrinsically with the cherished memories of our valued customers.

This is evidenced so well in the story of Nick Harvey and his soon-to-be-wife Liz (pictured above). Nick first came into Nicholas Wylde in 1998 and he takes the story up from there:

“I happened upon your shop back in 1998 when shopping in Bath. I stumbled upon a bespoke designed necklace in your window, made from local slate and silver, it was very unusual piece which really struck me. I returned sometime later to purchase it, fortunately it was still for sale but unfortunately there weren’t any ear rings that went with it! But to Nicholas Wylde this presented no problem. Nicholas and I sat together; he did his magic and within a very short time had conjured up a set of drop earrings complimenting the necklace.

At that point I really realized what I had found. A craftsman with a commitment and passion for excellence, who clearly has a lateral mind, flexible and tolerant enough to accommodate others dreams and still able to combine these with his own aspirations. In 2003 my lifelong friend and now companion Liz and I took a holiday to Tanzania and Zanzibar. We travelled extensively, with a safari in the Serengeti a high point. The main access point to the Serengeti is a city called Arushia, it's at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and close by is the only tanzanite mine in the world. We bought some of these and also some garnets.

On returning home, we thought as what to do with the stones, I had a notion to have them made into a piece of jewellery for Liz as a memento and that’s when I remembered Nicholas Wylde.

Liz was enthused with Nicholas’ initial concepts and combined with Liz’s own tastes developed into a very clear direction. Nicholas gently steered Liz through more ideas and we settled on a ring for the tanzanite stones, supported with baguette diamonds set in white gold. It is a large heavy piece with a huge WOW factor. Many people have commented and admired it since.

Some years later in 2007, we needed an engagement ring based on baguette diamonds set in white gold and once again, I considered no other designer but Nicholas. I would present the ring on holiday in Africa over the Christmas period. At sun set, on a cliff edge, over the Great Rift Valley with a bottle of Champagne, on one knee, the deed was done and I had my fiancée. Liz and I have known each other for forty years but it was still very emotional and your work was instantly recognizable and appreciated. Liz fully understands the "Wylde Effect" and influence.... it was clearly a great success!

Recently, I realized Liz has a passion for opals and after coming back from Ethiopia I wanted to present another gift. I discussed this with Nicholas and he went the extra mile to find the perfect gem for a stunning ring. The final presentation the day before Valentine’s Day was an exciting one for Liz, whilst I had seen your work Liz was completely unaware. I have to say it is not often I have seen Liz, lost for words, but believe her large smiles and excitement indicated to us both all that was necessary.

The ring is a fabulous piece of work - the craftsmanship, attention to detail, style and WOW factor was everything Liz was looking for. The colours in the opal are iridescent and, depending on the angle it is viewed at, we see many different shapes and colours. It’s an inspired piece of Wylde work, for which we are truly grateful. The journey continues, as Liz and I are to be married this year, there are the wedding rings to be considered and made. We eagerly look forward to the Wylde results in the very near future. We believe that Nicholas Wylde has a very bright future and feel lucky to have been a part of that development. We wish you all the best and look forward to working with you again.”

We so enjoy making not only beautifully crafted jewellery items but also to have been a sparkling part of people’s lives – that’s the Wylde Effect at work!

You can learn more about our bespoke design services as well as browse our entire ranges of gorgeous jewellery at our easy-to-use new website:

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title ico Black opal joy in Bristol
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The Wylde Effect has also been weaving its special magic over in our Bristol store and we had two very happy clients recently, Gary and Sarah Paramore, who returned to collect a fabulous Wylde designed pendant.

Sarah said: “We really enjoyed collecting the opal pendant this afternoon, it was great chatting to you and you made the experience very memorable. Finally, the moment had arrived to see a pencil sketch turned in to a stunning design. My new black opal pendant is elegant, unique and more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. A special thank you to Shatel, for excellent service and congratulations to Nicholas for such magnificent craftsmanship.”

Don’t forget that our Bristol store has two dedicated parking spaces we can offer visiting customers, deep in the heart of the fashionable Clifton shopping area and just a short hop from the world-famous Suspension Bridge.

Parking space will need to be booked in advance, so if you’re planning a visit and require this, please contact the Bristol store on 0117 974 3582 or email

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title ico March’s birthstone: Aquamarine
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“A March born shall always be
Soothed by Aqua, gem of sea
This mermaid's treasured stone you wear
Will bring happiness, love, affection and care."
— Gregorian birthstone poem

For those born in the month of March the aquamarine is your traditional birthstone, associated with faithfulness, courage and friendship.

The deep sea green colour of aquamarine is believed to keep one calm and peaceful, allowing the bearer to remain stoic and in control despite any provocation. Aquamarine has a pale, deep green-blue cool colour that works perfectly with spring and summer wardrobes.

The lovely aquamarine gemstone is said to heighten awareness, communication skills and quick response. This gemstone also symbolizes honesty, faithfulness and beauty.

Aquamarines were considered sacred to Neptune, Roman God of the Sea. The association with the sea has made this stone a sacred gem for sailors, promising a prosperous and safe voyage for all those at sea. The stone was believed to have promised a safe and prosperous voyage, as well as provide sailors protection against the perils and monsters of the sea. The Greeks wore amulets made of aquamarine engraved with Poseidon (The Lord of the Sea) on a chariot. The word Aquamarine is made up of two Latin words:  ‘aqua’ or water and ‘marina’ the sea.

Aquamarines vary in colour from deep blue to bluish-green, with differing intensities due to the varying quantities of iron in the beryl crystal. Naturally occurring deep blue aquamarine stones are rare and in high demand. Let’s hope that as spring is now well and truly on its way, we see that deep blue colour not only in the gems we love but also in the skies above us!
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