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The future is here! Same quality unique jewellery and service now available online using our exciting new web-site and with our new click and collect option. Sit back, enjoy and buy online over 200 items from £25 ...

We’re proud to announce that our brand-new, completely revamped website has launched live on the internet, bringing our same quality service and gorgeous jewellery to the comfort of your own home or wherever you are in the world!

We’ve used the very best technology available today to make our new website an amazing and enjoyable experience, where you can explore our full ranges of sumptuous jewellery - all with stunning pictures - and buy securely online. You can get all the latest news and offers and discover all you want to know about the world of Nicholas Wylde jewellery and the precious gems that inspire him.

Nicholas worked very closely with local company Created in Bath, applying the same skill and artistry he uses to create his unique jewellery, to deliver a future-facing, cutting edge e-commerce site that visitors will find a pleasure to explore on all personal devices; laptops, tablets, smart phones.

Many of these devices were not even invented when the previous Nicholas Wylde website launched over 12 years ago. Nicholas said: “The previous site served us very well but things have rapidly changed and I decided to invest in a new site that would serve for the present and also the future. I wanted this new website to offer the same relaxed, professional experience you would receive in one of our shops and I am so happy that we have succeeded in its main aim – to bring our beautiful jewellery and excellent service directly to you.”

This includes the introduction of our new Click & Collect service and a free delivery promotion which runs right up to 14th December . You’ll be receiving our best service, with a dedicated web sales team ready to help. And of course, you can call in at either Bath or Bristol shop for advice on anything you see on the site.

You can connect to the brand new Nicholas Wylde website here:

We’re most certainly looking forward to your first visit!

And we’d very much appreciate your feedback on the site, whether it's thumbs up or constructive criticism so we can iron out any gremlins as soon as possible to make it even better. Please send any comments to:  Nicholas Wylde
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title ico Dazzle it for Christmas!
Your chance to win a diamond snow flake in new collection launch Worth £1,000. Coming soon to a device near you!
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Exclusively designed by Nicholas Wylde ‘Dazzle’ is a sparkling new collection for 2015 and just in time for Christmas!

This gorgeous collection brings together a group of designs that Nicholas was asked to create over the years in a festive-themed collection that's just perfect for the festive season.

Comprising ‘Holly Leaf’, ‘Mistletoe’ 'Present' and ‘Snowflake’, the collection is made in 18ct white gold and encrusted with stunning diamonds. This collection comes in pendant and earrings in different sizes, depending on your taste and budget, which ranges from £200 to £2,000.

Made with all the visionary skill and creative love of Nicholas Wylde, dazzle your loved ones this season with these simply perfect Christmas gifts.

Win a diamond snowflake For your chance to win one of the Dazzle collection with a £1,000 value, simply visit our website and fill out the online form or visit our Bath or Bristol shops and you could be the lucky owner. The best of festive luck! No purchase necessary. The winner will be notified by email on Christmas Eve. Full terms and conditions found on website here:
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title ico The 300th Flower Diamond is here
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It’s a great source of pride for Nicholas to announce that we have reached the 300th Wylde Flower Diamond created in the world.

Our patented diamond cut elegantly combines the beauty of both diamonds and flowers and word about its stunning shine is beginning to spread, with demand rapidly growing for this very special stone.

Christmas would be the perfect time to purchase this celebratory number gem as a truly heart-felt token of love. What better way to tell a loved one how unique they are than with an exquisite diamond that is equally unique. But act quickly because such celebratory numbered Wylde Flower Diamonds are much desired – in fact, the 500th and 1,000th gems are already pre-booked!

Nicholas himself owns the very first Wylde Flower Diamond created, his wife owns the 100th and the 200th was incorporated into a spectacular pendant for a client who adores diamonds and had to add it to her collection. The Wylde Flower Diamond received its London debut this year when Nicholas hosted a pop-up shop in Fenwick to an overwhelmingly positive response.

You can read more about the origins of this unique diamond cut in a magazine interview with Nicholas here: Wylde at Heart The jeweller magazine

And if you’d like to be the proud owner of the 300th Wylde Flower Diamond, which is available to buy right now, then contact Nicholas directly to have a chat and make this Christmas one to sparkle brightly!
ico The Wylde Flower Diamond® Story
title ico Finding the perfect match
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Some months back, Nicholas was presented with a challenge from a client that combined all the elements that so inspire Nicholas and his team – romance and beautiful jewellery.

The challenge was to design two matching rings, his and hers, using a particular red gold and incorporating a stunning diamond that had a beautiful cognac colour.

For Nicholas, the actual design was the easy part as he had previously designed a wonderful pendant which the client adored. So Nicholas based the rings on the same mix of a metered gold surface with highly polished sections.

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The hard part was to locate two 1ct diamonds for the rings that were just perfect for the stone. The cognac diamond is a brown gem that possesses a wonderful combination of reds and yellows that flash out from the stone. These stones are called fancy natural coloured diamonds – the stronger and brighter colour, the better.

It’s well to keep in mind when buying coloured diamonds, to only buy from a reputable jeweller. There are many treated stones on the market that are not always what they appear to be.

Nicholas eventually succeeded in his search, finding two amazing cognac diamonds which are now set into these matching rings.

The clients were just speechless when they tried them on for the first time. This involvement and shared journey together with the romance of creating beautiful jewellery is what Nicholas Wylde is all about - creating jewellery with individual stories.
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title ico November’s birthstones, Topaz and Citrine
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“Who first comes to this world below
With drear November's fog and snow,
Should prize the topaz's amber hue,
Emblem of friends and lovers true.”

Those born in the Autumnal month of November have two gems to share their celebrations – the traditional topaz and the alternative citrine

The name topaz comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “fire”  and , according to ancient lore, it could be used to control heat and used as medication to cure fever.

Topaz occurs in a range of magnificent colours – blue, pale green, varying shades of yellow, pink, red, brown and even black. Pure topaz itself is a colourless stone, the coloured variants occur due to minor element substitutions and defects in the crystal. 

This gem, with its lively fire, clarity, beautiful colours and hardness is ideal for jewellery. Pure topaz, when brilliantly cut, can often be mistaken for a diamond.

Because of its rarity, topaz is an expensive gem.  The rarest colour - and therefore the most valuable - is red.  Imperial topaz - sherry coloured varieties of brownish-yellow, orangy yellow and reddish brown - are the most popular topaz stones and command high prices, as do pink coloured stones. Light blue and pale yellow topaz are of less value, but are nevertheless stunning in beauty.

During the Middle Ages, the topaz was used mostly by royalty and clergy. A 13th century belief held that a topaz engraved with a falcon helped its wearer cultivate the goodwill of kings, princes and magnates.

Citrine is a yellow quartz, with a hardness of 7. The yellow colour is due to the presence of iron (iron oxide). Natural citrine is pale yellow in colour but it is very rare. The most common citrine is heat treated amethyst, but it can also be made from smokey quartz.

Citrine mainly occurs in the same areas as amethyst with gem quality citrine found in Russia, India, France, Brazil and Spain.

Citrine is sometimes called ‘the stone of the mind’ and considered an aid in that department. The name is derived from Latin which means "yellow" and is also the origin of the word "citron."

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