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title ico Amy Williams goes for gold in love and marries her solider sweetheart ... with a little Wylde Effect!
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Bath’s very own Olympic champion turned TV star Amy Williams, married solider Craig Ham at the end of August in a traditional service at the 13th-century St Nicholas’s Church in Amy’s childhood village of Bathampton.

The happy couple exchanged gorgeous rings designed by Nicholas, with whom Amy had worked to design a platinum band that would complement her diamond engagement ring.

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Nicholas first met Amy when he presented her with a special personalised leather box he created to display her Olympic gold medal and was thrilled to design the couple’s wedding rings.

Nicholas said: “I’m very pleased that Amy is a presenter on The Gadget Show as I am an avid gadget geek! I was so proud to design and make Amy and Craig’s wedding rings and wish the happy couple the very best of health and happiness for their future”
ico Nicholas Wylde The Wedding
title ico October Opal Events places going fast! Your last chance to book to see and buy from a wonderful selection of loose stones and ready-made jewellery set with opulent opals
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Places are going fast for our opal events this coming October but there is still some availability, so book soon if you want to attend.

Designed to be entertaining as well as educational, these special free events will see a veritable abundance of stunning opals on display, along with talks on their wonders and history. It’s a great opportunity for you to buy your own precious gem – just in time for Christmas!

The dates are October 13th & 14th in Bath and October 15th & 16th in Bristol. There will be two events organised each day – an afternoon one that runs from 3pm to 5pm and an early evening one from 7pm to 9pm

There will be a wonderful display of opals, you can bring along your own gem to get care and cleaning tips, and receive a free verbal valuation as you enjoy afternoon tea, cake and nibbles in the day and canapés and a glass of bubbly in the evening!

All October opal events are completely free and if you wish to reserve a place, please contact and specify which store (Bath or Bristol) and time of day (afternoon or early evening) that would suit.
ico Nicholas Wylde Opal & Diamond Stud Earrings
title ico Countdown to our exciting new Website launch in October!
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Our website has been completely redesigned and re-imagined over the summer months and it will receive its inaugural launch to go live on the world-wide web at the end of October.

Nicholas is always at the forefront of innovation in both design and business and our new website reflects this, bringing his world-renowned quality service to the virtual world.

We’ve made the new website an exciting and rewarding site to explore, with stunning photographs, engaging new features and smooth navigational tools that make browsing a pure pleasure on all devices.

You can discover our entire ranges and buy online 24/7, be kept completely up to date with our breaking news stories and be informed about our services and products.

So get social and connect with us!
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title ico Expressions Collection helps fight the good fight
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Nicholas and his staff are so pleased that our bespoke silver designer charm jewellery collection ‘The Expressions Collection’ has currently raised over £1,000 in donations for Business against Poverty. The Expressions Collection comprise twelve silver charm discs, each engraved with a meaningful word and a percentage of each sale goes to the global charity which works to alleviate poverty

Nicholas said: “I have supported Business against Poverty for many years. It’s about being able to give something back that means a lot to you. There are so many children in the UK and around the world in very vulnerable situations, so any small help from a business goes a long way to take these kids off the streets into safe hands and give them a chance for a future.”
ico You can view the collection here
title ico September’s birthstone – Sapphire, representing the purity of the soul
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For those born in the month of September, the sapphire is their birthstone.

Typically, sapphires appear as blue stones, ranging from very pale blue to deep indigo, due to the presence of small amounts of titanium and iron within the crystal structure. The most valued shade of blue is the medium-deep cornflower blue. Sapphires also occur in other natural colours and tints – gray, yellow, pale pink, orange, green, violet and brown – called fancy sapphires. These different colours are caused by different kinds of impurities within the crystal. For example, yellow sapphires get their colour from ferric iron, and colourless gems have no contaminants.

The Logan Sapphire Brooch, the second largest sapphire known (at 422.99 carats), is on display at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

The biggest source of sapphires world-wide is Australia, especially New South Wales and Queensland. Found in alluvial deposits of weathered basalt, Australian sapphires typically are blue stones with a dark and inky appearance. Kashmir, in India, used to be a well-known source of the cornflower-blue stones. In the United States, a major source is the Yogo Gulch Mine in Montana that mostly yields small stones for industrial use.

The word sapphire has its roots in several ancient languages: the Arabic safir, the Latin sapphirus (meaning blue), and the Greek word sappheiros for the island of Sappherine in the Arabian Sea where sapphires were found in ancient Grecian times. Ancient Persians called sapphire the “Celestial Stone.” It was the gem of Apollo, Greek God of prophesy and was worn by worshipers visiting his shrine in Delphi to seek his help. It was used by ancient Etruscans as far back as the 7th century B.C.

The sapphire was said to represent the purity of the soul. Before and during the Middle Ages, it was worn by priests as protection from impure thoughts and temptations of the flesh. Medieval kings of Europe valued these stones for rings and brooches, believing that it protected them from harm and envy. Warriors presented their young wives with sapphire necklaces so they would remain faithful. It was believed that the stone’s colour would darken if worn by an adulterer or adulteress, or by an unworthy person.

Sapphires were once believed to be protection against snakes. It was said that if poisonous reptiles and spiders were placed in a jar containing the stone, the creatures would immediately die. The French of the 13th century believed that sapphire transformed stupidity to wisdom, and irritability to good temper.

One of the most famous sapphires rests on the Imperial State Crown, worn by Queen Victoria in 1838. It resides in the British Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. This gem is called the St. Edward’s Sapphire because it once belonged to Edward the Confessor, who wore the stone on a ring during his coronation in 1042.
ico Nicholas Wylde Sapphire
title ico Welcome back Jo
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We're delighted to welcome Jo back from maternity leave after the arrival of her baby son. Jo's many years of retail experience and customer dedication are great assets and she is undoubtedly a valued member of the sales team in Bath.

Jo is now available to sit down with her valued customers whether its ideas for a particular special piece of jewellery or indeed to offer sound jewellery advice. Why not call and book an appointment at a time to suit you, on 01225 462826.
ico Nicholas Wylde Customer Care
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