Lazering Lasering - New lasering technology has certainly helped the jewellery trade.  The latest equipment allows us to repair jewellery that previously was either very costly to repair or impossible to do.  We no longer need to remove stones.  With a laser welder we do not apply any heat to large areas and we can laser precious or non precious metals.  Do you ...



It looks a little like a Star Wars droid character but this new piece of equipment that’s recently landed in our Bath workshop is the very latest in tabletop laser welding machines.

Our motto has always been ‘If we can’t repair it, no-one can’ and this technology furthers this statement by enabling us to perform repair work on the most difficult jobs that other jewellers would struggle with.

The Neutec Studio Plus is a small but very powerful laser capable of welding precious and non-precious metals together without relying on conventional methods of torch heat, which can sometimes cause damage from over-heating or necessitate the removal of gems to perform the repair.

The laser can weld around gemstones and also do repairs on silver, which is the most difficult precious metal to weld due to its high reflectivity but this machine makes it easy.

The laser is designed for all jewellery making and repair work, including re-tipping, re-sizing, prong repairs, chain repairs plus many other tricky jobs.

Another example of the cutting-edge innovations we’re regularly introducing to ensure our jewellery and services are second to none.


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