The Wylde effect was born one day by one client’s comment. “It must be the Wylde effect” … saying that people are drawn to her jewellery, with words such as ‘that’s amazing, stunning, where did you get it made?’

Another client was on a flight from London to New York and sat next to a stranger whose first words to her were “That must be a Wylde ring” and then proceeded to chat about their Wylde collections designed by Nicholas and his team. Another example of the ‘Wylde Effect’ at work!

Over the 29 years that Nicholas has been in business, his strong style and years of imaginative eye catching adverts and window displays has attracted many devotees.

Collectors and followers also appreciate his particular style of listening and then designing something truly stunning for his clients whilst keeping to his trademark simplicity – mixing lines and curves with colour and diamonds.

Nicholas is proud that there are now over 30,000 pieces of individually designed items of jewellery out there in the world and that they do meet up in the oddest of places. However, to see them return and worn at various functions truly pleases him and is the best Wylde Effect of all.

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Below you can see a selection of our colourful and attention-grabbing advertising visuals from the last few years. Please inquire about any item shown here.

Please enquire about any item shown in advertising visuals. Nicholas works very closely with Wayne McMaster from to ensure all Wylde advertising consistently uses fresh ideas with bold, eye-catching designs to capture the imagination and show our gorgeous jewellery to its best effect.


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