6 Stars. 6 Prizes. 1 Wylde Flower Diamond®.

This Christmas season Nicholas Wylde is launching a new and exciting Bath Christmas Market puzzle trail! Your aim is to solve our 6 ‘Secret Stars’ which are hanging from various undisclosed Christmas market chalet locations, spread across the market, to be in with a chance of winning one of 6 diamond rings, 1 of which is solid gold and and set with Nicholas Wylde’s famous Wylde Flower Diamond® – worth £700! To find your code breaker, just follow the cryptic hint below.

HINT: “The start of our tale begins by an enchanted tree in the midst of a palace of crystal, find a star, starting here, and learn the phrase we know in Bath & Bristol”

Enter the Competition:

Sorry, this competition is now closed for entries. To see what else is happening for Christmas at Nicholas Wylde please click here.
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