Choosing your Ring Size

Choosing the correct ring size is very important. If your ring does not fit properly it is like wearing the wrong size shoes, uncomfortable and increases the chance of you losing your ring.

At Nicholas Wylde we train all our staff to recommend the best fit for the style of ring. The best fit can depend on so many factors including if you prefer a tight or loose fit. As your finger can alter in size over several weeks, we would recommend to wear it for that long to see if the average comfort is good.

We would personally recommend a tighter fit to stop the ring spinning around on the finger, this helps the ring look good on the finger and also protects the ring from damage if it constantly slips to the back of the finger. We can also style the design of shank to suit your individual finger .

Conversion chart below to help you gauge your own ring size. For countries not represented here, please contact us for further details.


Ways of measuring your finger

We would recommend to measure your finger when it is not too hot or cold.

The best way is for a professional jeweller to measure it properly. Please feel free to visit the shops to get expert help.

Second is to measure the internal diameter of a ring that fits. Making sure that the width of the shank is similar to the ring you are ordering. A wider ring shank would need to be a bigger size possibly by one whole size. Also please remember that if you are right handed the fingers are usually one size larger. Please use our conversion chart (available on request) to work out the correct finger size.

The third way is to print out our ring sizer (available soon) and follow the instructions precisely. This is only to be used as a guideline.

Resizing your ring

We at Nicholas Wylde give you 30 days to have the size altered at no charge if you bring the ring into the shops. We would prefer this as we can help you to achieve the accurate size . This can be done in both shops as a same day service at no charge. If you would prefer to post it to us please post by special delivery with proof of postage. We will size the ring to the size of your choice and despatch to you within 24 working hour at no charge once only.

Points to look out for

  • On ordering full eternity rings, the ring cannot be sized, so we would recommend ordering a ring very slightly bigger so the finger can grow into it.
  • Rings with stone set shoulders in many cases cannot be sized down more than 3 sizes.
  • Silver stone set ring with thick shanks can be difficult to size in the normal way. We may need to use a laser machine which will take longer than our normal service.
  • Reducing a tapering shank ring over 3 sizes may make give an appearance that the shank is thinner.

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